Good and Bad Robots, Watchmen and Television updates

Good Robot News:

Japan, defacto world leader in robotics has come out with a new model, Saya2. It is being field tested in classrooms in Japan as well as nursing homes. The robot is capable of 6 basic vocal and facial emotions, surprise, fear, disgust, anger, happiness and sadness, but still requires a human interface to control it. In fact it is really nothing more than an extremely updated version of Disney Anamatronics. Here’s the rub. In the not too distant future, by combining a sophisticated AI/Turing Interface (Look It Up) with this humanlike robotic face(which currently exists) and a humanlike body(in production) is just one step closer to computerized beings. A quick look backward to 1954, shows that Isaac Asimov wrote about that deep division between human and robot beings with the 2 protagonists Lije Bailey and Daneel Olivaw in The Caves of Steel and later in The Naked Sun. By looking back to the keen eyes of 1954’s futurist, it becomes clear that this is a fledgling industry that is about to take over portions of the workforce. No to sound Luddite, but, SkyNet bothers me.

Bad Robot News:

J.J. Abrams Star Trek got its first real good preview before Watchmen on the big screen this weekend. From the strictly fanboy point of view, it rocked, giving everyone in the theater a glimpse at the sets, the characters and the overall pace and cut. From a pragmatic POV, I am hoping against hope that it isn’t a bore-fest. We shall see, soon enough.


If you go to this movie without ANY prior knowledge of the universe it is set in, you are in trouble, I think. Even knowing what to expect, I came away from the 2:30+ movie with a number of thoughts:

Stunning Visuals and Characters

One of the finest Alternate History Movies ever done

Too much blue penis

Incredible Soundtrack

I grew very uncomfortable with mutant male nudity, or, too much blue penis.

Score: A-

Random TV Update:

Heroes is renewed for a 4th season, despite lackluster ratings.

Sarah Conner/Dollhouse tandem kicks ass on Friday nights, debunking the graveyard myth.

BattleStar has 3 more awesome episodes and keep off the net if you don’t want to know how it ends.

Dome Sez: Am I getting too old for this? HELL NO

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