Blade Runner VS The Wizard Of Oz

No. it’s not better than Alien vs Predator,…….. or maybe it is.

Today 2 issues.

First, the reissue reissue, reissue of Blade Runner-The LAST FINAL I SWEAR IT VERSION. Guess what kids; this one is the real deal. All the inconsistencies, all the bad shots and bad lines and that damned ending have been recovered back to the directors’ intent. Ridley Scott has reworked this troubled masterpiece 3 times and now it’s done. The 5 Disc Ultimate Collectors Edition (one of different 3 sets available) has everything a Philip K Dick fan could ever want and more. Having gotten a sneak at it, I locked myself in the bat cave and explored it for hours on end. A great stocking stuffer for the geek within.


One of my favorite things to do when I am tired and wanna tune the world out is the following:

Take my DVD of the Wizard of Oz  and cue it up to the very first scene, with the sound off. Then get my copy of Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon and simultaneously hit play on both remotes. This is Sensory Goodness, my friends which is why I wait with trepidation for Sci Fi’s reimage of it, Tin Man, this weekend. The promo’s look good, the word on the net seems positive, but we all know the dreck that Sci Fi Network is capable of(remember Mansquito ?) Zooey Deschsanel is cuteness personified but that has never been enough to carry a remake of an epic. I’m rooting for her, but may switch to Desperate Housewives out of spite, turn off the volume and pound out Dark Side of the Moon.


This is Dome – waiting for someone to pick up the Radio Show. By the way I am also looking for an agent for our Television show, Interested? Call me.

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