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TalkCast 484 – Things To See And Do As We Start To Come Out Of The Pandemic Featuring Ariel Diaz

In this episode, the Commander and I get the chance to speak with an up and coming artist from Texas who is about to burst on the national convention scene. Ariel Diaz had her opening cut short by the pandemic and was forced to sit patiently for a year, honing her craft and working (as […]

TalkCast 483 – Time Travel and Vampires, I’m Told It’s A Thing

In this episode Commander Cam and I get the chance to speak with W.L.Hawkin about her Hollystone Mystery series. I have to admit speaking with Wendy was a quite unique experience and was one of one of the few times I was truly tongue tied. a situation which amused the hell out of Cam as […]

TalkCast 482 – A Friend Of A Friend Created A Nightmare

In the Lovcraftian universe there are very few rules. When I learned a friend of one of my very good Sci Fi writer friends, CT Phipps, (see Talkcasts 380, 425  and 475 ) had written a number of stories in this universe I became intrigued and we talked about it. He then suggested I read […]

TalkCast 481 – Deep Cuts With Sam Groom and Ringo Starr

A remarkable interview begins and ends in the most unexpected places. This begins with Sebastien de Castell, musician, author and our guest on the ‘Cast. Ostensibly here to talk about his latest  book, Way Of The Argosi, The Commander and I has way too much fun on a number of other topics before we ever […]

TalkCast 480 – The Dinosaurs Didn’t Have A Space Program And Look Where It Got Them!

Smart, original and snappy science fiction is a rare commodity today. Rarer still is the author who can converse about it. Meet Edward M, Lerner and get the chance to know a bit about him, who he is and his work as we explore him, his background and his latest novel, Deja Doomed. It’s fun […]

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