TalkCast 480 – The Dinosaurs Didn’t Have A Space Program And Look Where It Got Them!

Edward M. Lerner

Smart, original and snappy science fiction is a rare commodity today. Rarer still is the author who can converse about it. Meet Edward M, Lerner and get the chance to know a bit about him, who he is and his work as we explore him, his background and his latest novel, Deja Doomed. It’s fun to be able to have a conversation not just about the work but also about its contextual relevance within current science as well as looking forward in the most positive of ways….. maybe.

The mixed bag of science fiction and futurism are solidly intertwined in Deja Doomed, a beautifully crafted thriller set in the near future. Join us as we discuss the book, our future, Nasa, Mars and more.


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Déjà Doomed

Déjà Doomed


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