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Why We Have Faces For Radio, or…Why interviewers should never be interviewed.

There once was a girl from Nantucket.. ……… and because I won’t finish this is why we should never be the subject of an interview. The folks here at SFSN are known for speaking their mind. While some podcasts are known for being “Stream of Consciousness” we are more “Puddle of Consciousness” and had the […]

TalkCast 448 – Is That Fry’s Head In a Jar? No, but, it could be….

  From time to time here on Sci Fi Saturday Night, we take a jump to the left.  We put aside science fiction for the world of science fact.  Every time we do we realize that the lines between the two blurs, which is as it should be.  Good science fiction should be predicated in, […]

TalkCast 447 – What If Schrodingers Cat Had Kittens

THE OPPENHEIMER ALTERNATIVE is an Alternate history novel by Robert J. Sawyer. The best part of an alternate history novel is when it is firmly founded in hard fact. one in which the historical accuracy of its roots is inviolate. The second best part is the moment at which it deviates and you’re not quite […]

TalkCast446 – The Song of Bernadette

In 2020 we thought the world was strangely similar to the first book in the Blue Helix saga, Sleepwater Beat, like we had seen this before? Well welcome to 2031 where everything old is old yet again but not. It is a confusing dystopian future, which we were left off in at the end of […]

TalkCast445 – Peace In the Face of Chaos

So. here’s what happens when you assume……99.99999995% of the time, you’re wrong. Welcome to the continuing saga of Nel Bently as told by the incomparable VS Holmes as we explore the third novel in the Nel Bently series Strangers, a series that takes place simultaneously on Earth, in space and on some other places yet […]

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