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The Writer’s Block: In Twain’s Shadow

I live in Connecticut. As you might imagine, we have to scramble to find things to brag about. We have two impressive casinos, the best women’s college basketball team in the nation, and a failed hockey team. It was in Bristol, CT, in 1989 that Milli Vanilli’s scam started to unravel. That about sums up […]

Keeping It Ghastly: Time and Again Vol 1

“Keeping It Ghastly” is a bi weekly article on Japanese horror comics which have English print editions. Some are from famous authors, others are from unknowns and underground artist circles. Either way, it’s going to be to a terrifying/awesome ride exploring the horror manga on our bookshelves! We will now take a break from our […]

TalkCast 329 – Cory Levine

Our guest tonight is Cory Levine, writer and creator of of The Bowery Boys, a very unique and interesting web-comic. We spend the interview talking about the genesis of the comic, his work with artists Ian Bertram and Brent McKee in putting the comic together and the subsequent graphic novel on Dark Horse Comics. This is his first […]

TalkCast 328 – George is Back

So whenever George O’Connor is here, we talk. Tonight, we talked about some of his new projects including Baby, 664 The Comic (or as I call in 664 Season 3) with his collaborators Harley Bean and Lesley Atlansky, Healed, The Movie (to be shown at the Mass Indy Film Festival), Boston Comic Con, and the current […]

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