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The Writer’s Block Presents Tony Tremblay

This month’s entry is from Tony Tremblay, author of many short stories and of a new collection, The Seeds of Nightmares, out now from Crossroad Press. Tony is also the host of a horror-themed cable television show, The Taco Society Presents. Besides being a talented author and editor, Tony’s also one of the nicest, most […]

TalkCast 322 – Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph is an incredibly high energy , puppeteer and voice-over artist. She may be best known for her puppet character Abby Cadabby on Sesame Street, for which she has received 4 Emmy nominations for Best Performer in a Children’s Series. Leslie got her start as a puppeteer on ABC’s Muppets Tonight and talks with […]

TalkCast 321 – The New and Improved Griffin Ess

    So, when you say “Whats New?” to Griffin, you’re sure to get an earful,and this is exactly what this show was, an hour with Griffin talking about his new endeavors on Shaded Area’s, his new projects and all the fun he always seems to be having. From  new video projects, to web comics […]

Keeping It Ghastly: Anomal

“Keeping It Ghastly” is a bi weekly article on Japanese horror comics which have English print editions. Some are from famous authors, others are from unknowns and underground artist circles. Either way, it’s going to be to a terrifying/awesome ride to keep horror manga on our bookshelves! Anomal is a collection of short stories that […]

TalkCast 320 – Gary Sohmers Talks About NorthEast Comic Con

In a one on one interview, Gary joins us to talk about many of the special events and people coming up at NorthEast Comic Con, including: Micky Dolenz Cal Schenkel Karen Gosselin Philo Barnhart HB Comics Chase Masterson Barry Bostwick Stacey Longo Starship Horizons Bridge Simulator Noel Macneal Kathy Garver And many many more Panels: […]

TalkCast 319 – Chase Masterson

Its Northeast Comic Con special guest night and joining us is Star Trek – Deep Space 9‘s Chase Masterson who is also the founder of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition. She also talks about her Doctor who spinoff audio adventure series, Vienna. Created by Chase Masterson  The Pop Culture Hero Coalition that uses the universal […]

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