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Take That, World. It’s Captain AMERICA!

You know, when Captain America is released in Europe and Asia, the title will be changed to reflect a new political correctness of  ridiculous proportions. So, this guy on YouTube redid the trailer. It’s not safe for work or young minds. It’s funny in the way that we now believe that we have to bend […]

Sucker Punch Movie Review

Have you ever been sucker punched? Basically, you never see it coming, it’s a sudden pain you were not expecting, and afterwards you are left confused and wondering where the hell it came from, and more importantly, WHY. Zack Snyder’s first original story for the big screen left me feeling the same way.

Your Opinion is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

So in light of our latest podcast, it was brought to my attention that I have tastes that might…deviate from the norm.  No, I’m not talking about Wonder Woman and how I think her suit is SO AWESOME (it’s not), but specifically American Gods by Neil Gaiman.  That’s right, Kriana, I thought that book was […]

TalkCast 77 – We Aim to Misbehave

Tim Brown who created the Ask SyFy to Air Browncoats: Redemption Facebook Page, and the Producer/Director of Browncoats: Redemption, Michael Dougherty answer questions. If you’d like SyFy to air Browncoats: Redemption, e-mail them on Monday! Douglas Adams “Lost” Doctor Who is being novelized. BBC sends out a Season Six Doctor Who Prequel. FOX actually renews Fringe. Happy […]

Goodnight Dune

According to this article, Paramount has decided not to go forward with making Frank Herbert’s best selling novel Dune into a movie franchise. To hold you over until the Dune rights-holders find another deal, I offer a Dune-themed bedtime story entitled Goodnight Dune.

Beginner’s Guide to Dark Shadows

My name is Maynard Winter. My journey is beginning. A journey that I hope will open the doors of gothic horror to me. With the theatrical adaptation of Dark Shadows looming just a year away, my goal is to watch as much of the original series as I can, and share my thoughts on the […]

A Firefly Movement We Can All Get Behind

There has been a lot of drama and controversy surrounding the Firefly ‘verse lately regarding who will or will not win the lottery and start it up again. These people are missing out. Firefly is alive and well, not only in the hearts of it’s fans, but also with the new(ish) independent film: Browncoats: Redemption. […]

TalkCast 76 – Peter Vinton Jr.

Michael Gough, RIP. Wonder Woman’s new Costume, Me-Ow! Shia LeBeouf meets Joe Hill, horns ensue. Simon Helberg on Dr. Horrible, Part Deux. Kevin Costner will be Pa Kent. Fringe still on the bubble for renewal. Sandman television series back on again with “Neil” involved. A quick spin of the Wheel Of Kittens (Rocco, we miss […]

Deus Ex Machina

I thought I’d write a somewhat more speculative article this week (with more potential for controversy, I suppose) about one of my favorite authors–Isaac Asimov. In particular, I’d like to look at whether the good Doctor might have gone one step beyond his acknowledged battle against the “Frankenstein Complex” in some of his writings. Asimov’s […]

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Title: Sunshine Author: Robin McKinley Format: Hardcover, Paperback, Audio Sometimes, your beloved Zombrarian falls into despair. See, she loves her some vampire books, but vampire books are apparently really hard to write. She knows they are really hard to write because most of them really suck (and not in a good way).  She’s going to […]

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