Goodnight Dune

According to this article, Paramount has decided not to go forward with making Frank Herbert’s best selling novel Dune into a movie franchise. To hold you over until the Dune rights-holders find another deal, I offer a Dune-themed bedtime story entitled Goodnight Dune.

Written and illustrated by Julia Yu, Goodnight Dune is a merging of Margaret Wise Brown’s 1947 children’s classic Goodnight Moon with elements of the 1984 movie version of Dune. Yu remained true to the illustrative style of the book, and maintained Brown’s gentle tone to include parts of the Dune premise.

As a science fiction fan and someone who reads to his toddler every night, I was very amused with Yu’s approach to this parody. Visually, she does the original book some justice by simplifying all of the iconic Dune elements such as the Baron Harkonnen, a crysknife, and an ornithopter. These are all spread throughout the story, and adds to the comedy that any fan of Dune would appreciate.

Goodnight Dune is available to view online here, and a printable version is available here.

One Response to “Goodnight Dune”

  1. trajeff

    Good post on Goodnight Dune…I enjoyed it very much myself. There is another MWB parody on her book about the mother and child bunny which features a mother mummy and her child-also well-done!

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