Monthly Archives: February 2011

TalkCast 70 – The Moving Hand Draws

This week’s news and views: Vote for Illustrator X in Talenthouse Competition. Why is Bill Murray holding Ghostbusters 3 hostage? Is Jim Parsons just an unfunny Sheldon Cooper? Rob Zombie needs to cease making movies. Like it or not, Dark Shadows is being remade. Burton, Depp and Green. Like it or not, Godzilla is being […]

TalkCast 69 – Browncoats: Redemption 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Tonight’s guest is Michael Dougherty, producer, director of Browncoats Redemption.Due to a technical glitch in our vast array of Cray Supercomputers, tonight’s episode was recreated using amazingly life like animatronics and the latest in cloning technology. The Death of The Human Torch…not. NBC Picks up Wonder Woman after Comcast picks up NBC. Friday night Kevorkian […]

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