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Finally, Proof that Television is Bad for You

So, here we are in the back 9 of this television season and it quite frankly it hasn’t been spectacular. The uber-geniuses at ABC have just the thing to make everyone stand up…… It’s titled No Ordinary Family. Here is the 411 … the story of a family whose father, Jim, a once aspiring artist […]

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity

The Dead Red Head (DRH) was recently chastised for her minimalistic review of “Dead Snow” (although I thought it covered my feelings of the movie explicitly), so I promise to make this review more verbose. If you are looking for a quick version, know that “Paranormal Activity” is the first movie to scare the bejeezus […]

Talkcast 23 – Special Guest: David Niall Wilson

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Andrew Koenig tonight. TV: Fringe renewed for 3rd season Smallville renewed for 10th season, Chuck has another season but……so does Heroes. The curse of Chi McBride continues as The Human Target tanks and will not be renewed. Pat from Double Midnight talks about GraniteCon – March […]

Trivia for 3.6.10

Answer this question in the comments to win Batman Blackest Night 1-3. Who is the author and editor of the anthology Dangerous Visions?

Talkcast 22 – The Internet Sci-Fi Revolution

Our Guest: Steve Lettieri of & StoryForge TV A shout out to all our international listeners. Walter Koenig’s son (Andrew) apparent suicide. Dead Red Head: Crazies, Nightmare on Elm Street, Alice. Late breaking news: Max Headroom coming to DVD! Prop Daleks go for $31,100 & $23,784 in auction yesterday. Action Comics #1 sells for […]

Feed Wrangling

If you read SFSN via an RSS feed you may have noticed a bit of zaniness going on this morning. Since WordPress gave us the amazing auto-update feature, it’s really been a snap to update and I haven’t been paying so much attention to reasons for updating. Having said that, one of the settings that […]

Douglas Clegg Boils Frogs, or, This is How Rumors Start

You know that “fun fact” about the frog in boiling water? The one where if you drop the frog into water that’s already boiling it will freak out because it hurts; but if you put the frog in cool water, then turn on the heat, the frog will calmly sit there and boil to death […]

Dead Snow, More Snow then Dead

I saw Swedish Zombie film Dead Snow over the weekend. It was very slick, but I expected a lot more from it. Mostly I expected either more humor or more intensity – I was served neither. While it had moments, this one left the Dead Red Head…well…cold.

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