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Talkcast 26: Death of a Legend – Bazinga!

DC Comic Legend Dick Giordano dies at 77. The return of Flash Forward: The 2 hour reopening was surprisingly good, but the numbers suck. Caprica wraps. Chuck More solid episodes. The new Dr Who Trailer is up Dr. Horrible II is for real but it will NOT be online. It, according to NPH will be a […]

Trivia for 3.27.10

To win a Rocketeer print by the amazing Sara Richard answer the following question in the comments: In the continuing adventures of The Howard Foundation Books by Robert Heinlein, what is the name of the cat who walks through walls?

Talkcast 25 -Underburbs & Browncoats

Attention – This  cast has an explicit warning for language in both English and Chinese. Welcome newest member of SFSN — Phoebe! Thank you to everyone at Granite State Comic Con for Jeanne Robinson jam sketch art; thanks to all artists volunteering for Boston Comic Conart — The auctions will take place starting on our […]

Review: The Orffyreus Wheel

Title: The Orffyreus Wheel Author: David Niall Wilson Format: E-book (epub format) Summary: The Orffyreus Wheel is written around the historical figure Johann Bessler (1680-1745), or as he called himself, Orffyreus. Bessler was known for allegedly creating a perpetual motion machine in the form of a wheel. The story intersperses glimpses of Bessler’s life with the […]

What Happened To Sarah?

What exactly is What Happened To Sarah? Visitors to have been asking this question for over a week now, and the buzz is growing.  At first glance, it seems like a typical short sci-fi film:  a young woman wakes up, pads downstairs and down a hill to a lake where… something… is waiting for […]

Trivia for 3.20.10

Answer the following question to win a Browncoat’s Redemption T-shirt. Name the actress that appeared in both Firefly and Angel?

Oh, Silly Hollywood

In the past few years we have been subjected to reboot television shows and movies of old franchises (and in some cases just characters) and it is rare when it proves to meet the level of its original. The Superman reboot leaps to mind, and the list continues with Knight Rider, Charlie’s Angels,  Transformers, Land […]

Large Con, Small Con

This last Sunday the entire crew was in Nashua, New Hampshire for GraniteCon. It was a cozy con for collectors, gamers, and fans with many local artists in attendance. At the same time we are gearing up for Boston ComiCon, one of the largest, most well attended cons in New England. Modesty forbids me from […]

Talkcast 24 – It’s Tracy Lee Quinn!

This episode is dedicated to “EmpressSith”. Get well soon. Hugo Weaving to play the Red Skull. Comics Corner: Alice In Sunderland by Bryan Talbot review Avatar gets screwed at the Oscars but gets 10 nominations in The Saturn Awards. Spiderman The Musical is dead, God save the Queen Iroman 2 new trailer is out and […]

Trivia for 3.13.10

Answer the following question to win a mashup of prints from comic artist’s guild members. Who was the voice of the computer on Star Trek-TOS?

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