Finally, Proof that Television is Bad for You

So, here we are in the back 9 of this television season and it quite frankly it hasn’t been spectacular. The uber-geniuses at ABC have just the thing to make everyone stand up…… It’s titled No Ordinary Family. Here is the 411 … the story of a family whose father, Jim, a once aspiring artist finds him and the rest of his family with “abilities”. Cast includes Michael Chiklis as Jim, Julie Benz as his wife and unnamed munchkins.

The Good News: Julie Benz

The Bad News: The Incredibles

What’s Hot: Julie Benz

What’s Not: Pray it’s not a sit-com

Things To Watch For: Who develops what “ability”.

Things To Be Afraid Of: One of them turning into a sparkly vampire.

What I Hope Might Happen: Some classy scripts and production values make this a sleeper that is worth watching.

What I’m Afraid Might Happen: Live action Incredibles

This is Dome, sayin’: I will watch Julie Benz read the phone book.

One Response to “Finally, Proof that Television is Bad for You”

  1. deadredhead

    Don’t forget Dome, we have the 10th season of Smallville to look forward to!

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