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Trivia for 2.27.10

Answer this question in the comments to win a custom caricature from Scott Hamilton. Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1; Batman first showed up in Detective Comics #27. Which comic heralded the first appearance of Wonder Woman?

Talkcast 21

Scott Wegener’s Atomic Robo on the Apple iPhone ad. Joss Whedon to make film about San Diego Comic-Con attendees Director Jeffrey Blitz/Producer Sean Welch making documentary on history of DC Comics Smallville returns to Baywatch-quality scripts. You are now allowed to sleep. Evil Wil Wheaton returns to Big Bang Theory DVD –The Time Traveler’s Wife […]

Thank you NetFlix or Why My DVD Collection is Growing

Saturday afternoon in the underburbs at it were, and I was heading back from a rousing round of Produce-O-Rama ant the local foodie-mart. When, to my surprise as I drove past the local Movie Store wearing a huge GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sign. A sign of the times, I am afraid, with so many different […]

Trivia for 2.20.10

Answer this question in the comments to win White Out (Graphic Novel) #1 from Liberty Books and Comics, and a canvas painting of Stick Man (a character by Daniel Larson)! Name the group started in the 19th Century whose purpose was to extend the lives of individual humans and the species as a whole. This group first […]

If Kurt Vonnegut was a Romantic, or, Billy Pilgrim “with benefits”

No, it’s not a new movie but The Time Travelers Wife is really quite something…and therein lies the paradox. What is it? Is it truly science fiction, is it a romance or is it a horror story? I’m thinking the answer is yes; and here is why (and parenthetically why I adore this movie). First […]

TalkCast 20

General Topics: Human Target- Dear God, why? Smallville has actually been decent; hell freezes over. I havent been watching Caprica for a reason What’s up with that Palestinian group dressing up like the Na’vi? Hot hot HOT pics of the chicks from Fringe and Caprica on Space shuttle crew awakened to Firefly theme Roger […]

Trivia for 2.13.10

Answer this question in the comments to win a copy of the Killer of Demons Trade Paperback by Scott Wegener: Superman had various super pets. Name the super monkey from the comic series.

The Human Target – Let’s Give It A Chance, but, I pun.

Based on the comic book of the same name, this Fox production stars Mark Valley, Chi McBride and Jackie Earl Haley. I want to be perfectly honest. I love the comic. I am, so far, not a fan of the series. Here’s why:

TalkCast 19 for 2/6/10 Dystopians Unite! The Philip K. Dick Special

Our Special Guest is David Mack, who is working with the PKD Estate to do graphic novels of PKDs short stories. His Website His Fansite He talks about how he got involved in this project and which stories are adapted? He discusses editing anything from his adaptations? Is the PKD estate allowing him to make […]

Is Realistic Fantasy an Oxymoron?

Not in Finnikin of the Rock by award-winning author Melina Marchetta, which is set to be released this month (February 2010).

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