The Human Target – Let’s Give It A Chance, but, I pun.

Based on the comic book of the same name, this Fox production stars Mark Valley, Chi McBride and Jackie Earl Haley. I want to be perfectly honest. I love the comic. I am, so far, not a fan of the series. Here’s why:

Christopher Chance is a dark figure. He is a man of hyper-ability, not super powers and this gives him a unique perspective on his “mission”. Each episodic comic not only gave us action and adventure but also a glimpse into his soul, allowing us, albeit vicariously, to look under the hood, as it were: to see what makes him tick. The television show, not so much. It is a gimmicky Mission Impossible/I Spy/Get Smart type of show, so no matter how deep or emotional the storyline wants to take you, it seems to always be overpowered by the gimmick of the day. This week it was a micro-miniaturized ingested GPS. This took center stage, even though there was an achingly good story of a beautiful Assistant District Attorney being hunted by crooked cops. A much more human drama was once again overshadowed by technology instead of being enhanced, and therein lies the problem.

Mark Valley was much better served on Boston Legal. Chi McBride, well who can say? I have to really give this a resounding I Don’t Know Yet and hope for better scripts.

This  is Dome, sayin’: DC’s track record remains intact, mediocre at best and deserving much better.

One Response to “The Human Target – Let’s Give It A Chance, but, I pun.”

  1. You’re being charitable, Dome — I watched the first episode, figured out who the killer was within the first ten minutes and spent the rest of the show watching Chi McBride’s considerable talent get squandered. I love the fact that there are more comic-based movies and TV series now than ever before, but they still need to be GOOD.

    “Do we really need another Return of the Swamp Thing”? — Neil Gaiman

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