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Just in time for GraniteCon 2009, our new site design is up and ready to go! We can’t wait to start ‘casting again.


Be sure and drop by our table at GRANITECON CONCORD at the Holiday Inn in Concord, New Hampster this Sunday, Sept 27th. from 10 am to 3 pm. Prizes and fun for everyone, and according to Chris and Quincy, FREE ADMISSION!!! This is Dome sayin: We know all your moves.

The Vampire Diaries, Or Estrogen Should be More Fun Than Blood, But Isn’t.

It’s Thursday night, beginning of the NFL Season, no more pre-season meaningless games being played by people you will never see again, and I hate the Steelers. So, at 8pm, instead of watching pre-game testosterone, I flip to the CW for the ladies of the house to watch The Vampire Diaries. The living room clears […]

Science Fiction-Science Fact: Our Burgeoning Societal Stupidity

One of the things I do besides spending way too much time reading, writing, watching TV and movies and perusing the internet is looking for the oddities of the universe.  One of these is the mystery of Easter Island, the myriad of stone carvings, what they represent and how they were carved and placed……and on […]

And Now, it’s Time to Play…..WHATS THAT SMELL!

This simply cannot end well. While perusing the Interwebs, I stumbled across what I inadvertently thought was a joke. Well cadets, the joke is on me, this stuff is real. At first I thought about the possibility of smelling like James T. Kirk and became mildly disgusted. My personal favorite is Pon Farr Perfume […]

Pay No Attention To That Blur In Your Reality

About 15 years ago I had the pleasure to interview Betty Hill, THE BETTY HILL of the Incident at Exeter the “supposed first “abduction” to be verified. For those of you, ignorant of the base story, look it up and don’t use the wikipedia, read a damn book. Anyhow, this was brought back to the […]

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