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Mickey? I would like you to meet Hulk. You two have a lot to talk about.

I remember, years ago, when visiting Disneyworld Orlando, and hearing a marching band playing the Muppet Show Theme, signifying that Disney has just bought out Hensen studios. Since then, The Muppets have never been the same. Well Cats and kiddies, get ready for the homogenization of Marvel comics as Disney is about to spend 4 […]

Science Fiction- Science Fact: Robotics

Here’s what’s going on in the world. While we in the USA are arguing about Death Panels and Universal Health Care, to the detriment of our population, Japan has been working. The Venda International Robot Research and Development Centre, which opened in May 2009 has unveiled some amazing work this week. The Centre is a […]

A Fan of True Blood……..(and Anna)

Yes, guilty pleasure # 178, evidently, but I am addicted to it. A short not, Anna Paquin, I adore you. Instead of an Anna love note, I am passing along this link:  Discuss among yourselves and enjoy This is Dome saying: ……………………….Anna..oh god…….Anna.(sorry)

Link of the Day: DANGER!! May Not Be Safe for Work

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time Enjoy and thanks for the chuckles. Kudos.

Torchwood and Doctor Who: Sarah Conner and Dollhouse (Fox sux): Chuck

There will be absolutely no spoilers in this post so, no need to worry your furry heads that I will spill the proverbial magic beans about your viewing favorites. This is a vent article, nothing more, so take it in the spirit of viciousness it was written in.

Wednesday Comics: bravo!

I got married almost ten years ago at the much-missed Words & Pictures Museum in downtown Northampton MA.  Among the million and one things to love about the old place was the permanent gallery up on the 4th floor, where there was an amazing collection of original comic art.  Frank Miller’s Dark Knight pages next […]

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