Monthly Archives: July 2009

Marvelman: Do it right or don’t do it at all!!!

I’m writing this still reeling in shock from the announcement that Marvel Comics bought the rights to Marvelman.  For those of you not familiar with the character, Marvelman (called “Miracleman” in the US because Marvel Comics felt their comics empire would collapse if the word “Marvel” was used to describe anything that wasn’t theirs) was a British ripoff […]

Star Trek-The ReBoot and where I have been…….

Much has been said of this reboot of the Gene Roddenberry franchise. Praise for J.J. Abrams classic direction. Pro and con arguments on Zack Quinto’s portrayal of Spock. The wasted use of Eric Bana. By the way, who knew Uhura was so freakin’ hot? The use of dual time lines to reset what is now […]

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