Star Trek-The ReBoot and where I have been…….

Much has been said of this reboot of the Gene Roddenberry franchise. Praise for J.J. Abrams classic direction. Pro and con arguments on Zack Quinto’s portrayal of Spock. The wasted use of Eric Bana. By the way, who knew Uhura was so freakin’ hot? The use of dual time lines to reset what is now a moneymaker, by any standard set by any earlier movie.

I was annoyed. Why does little Jimmy Kirk have to get beaten up so many times in the first half hour? I will admit that my personal buy in came right after the wide shot of Starbase. The effects were clean and relevant. And thank you Great Bird of The Universe, the script didn’t suck and the score was fantastic.

I have ben thru some interesting times and wanted to give you all a glimpse. For the past few months, I have been recuperating. I am well now and things were looking up, till I totaled my car on my second day back at work. Am back now,,,,,,,and diligently working  to keep you all informed . Thanks to X and Kriana for their posts while I was recuperating.
This is The Dome sayin…..I ain’t dead yet

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