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Science Fiction – Science Fact: The God Particle?

Particle Physics is not my cup of tea by any stretch of the imagination, but just what is the “God Particle” why they are trying to find it and what its implications are for life as we know it are fascinating reading and so far into the realm of hard science that it rivals the […]

Friday Night Report Card – What I Expected and What I Actually Saw

Hey kids! Time to take a look back at last Fridays Sci-Fi Bowl-A-Rama and see if it lived up to the hype. I was sitting, rapt with full attention, a 6 of Miller and Guacamole, Mango Salsa, intent on 3 hours of goodness.

Friday – America’s New Sci-Fi Night

For years Friday nights for Network TV has been the Seventh Circle of Hell, where shows g to die. As much as I thought I would never say it, thanks to Fox and SciFi networks, Friday is now destination television. 3 hours of fun, excitement and adventure, for a few weeks at least.

Bare With Me On This

OK folks, I am seriously not making any statement in jest or mocking anyone here, so lets get that right out of the way first. This post defies any current category we have here on the site and probably belongs on the Science Fiction-Science Fact area (not built yet but  coming soon). But, to be […]

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