Friday – America’s New Sci-Fi Night

For years Friday nights for Network TV has been the Seventh Circle of Hell, where shows g to die. As much as I thought I would never say it, thanks to Fox and SciFi networks, Friday is now destination television. 3 hours of fun, excitement and adventure, for a few weeks at least.

8:00pm Fox  The Sarah Conner Chronicles.           grade B+

 For at least 10 more episodes Fox will carry this, and word is that the endgame of this first season is a shocker. Summer Glau is as beautiful and enigmatic as ever, the violence is over the top and the scripts are more and more complex and engaging. Always a fan of Summer, I am having a lot of fun watching Lena Headey and this seasons new cast member Leven Rambin who plays the traitorous Riley. Good clean explosion apocalyptic fun.

9:00p     Fox         dollhouse            grade  A-

Eliza Dushku and Amy Acker in another Joss Weadon vehicle. If Fox keeps their hands off it, this is the hit if the second season, and that, my friends is the BIG IF. Fox seems to be the network that never learns its lessons. They took perhaps a great show of Weadons, Firefly, and killed it with their uncaring stupidity. Woird is out they are meddlesome boobs once again and Weadon had vowed never to do network TV again, especially after the success of the internet sensation, Dr. Horribles’ Sing Along Blog. Keep yer freakin hands off and let Weadon be Weadon!

10:00pm               SciFi       BattleStar Galactica         grade A

Finally a show where there is a beginning, middle and end. God Help Me, I was listening to Howard Stern the other morning and he was crowing about how wonderful it was that any show and especially this show was allowed to have a proper ending and he, God Help Me again, is right. The acting is better and better, the shows are tight and precise and awesome and I will mourn its death. Thuis show has been a real thrill ride for us fans.

With an aggregate score of A-, Friday night is the best night of Sci Fi, period. Enjoy it while you can. Fox is bound to screw it up.

This is Dome saying…….god , is Amy Acker hot!

One Response to “Friday – America’s New Sci-Fi Night”

  1. Mort

    You know, I have never liked Fox Television. They had a pilot of mine for almost 2 years promising delevopment, and finally when it was all said and done, last week thay signed Joaquin Pheomix to the lead. Since WHEN is he emotionall ready to play the lead in “Mr. Lara Croft, in I married a Tomb Raider”?
    God, I hate Fox.

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