Monthly Archives: August 2008

Remember… back issues?

This week, I’d like everybody reading this to go to your nearest comic store that actually sells silver and bronze-age back issues.  I’m not asking you to break the bank on this, just find an old back issue that looks fun; something you’ve always wanted to try out.  Maybe a tattered copy of Superman Family; […]

Ain’t watching Watchmen!

Seems as though the Watchmen movie is on every fanboy’s mind.  Everyone keeps talking about the movie trailer; how this is going to be the greatest comic-book movie of all time.  Hey, did you ever notice how “of all time” means “until the DVD sales dry up”?  Really.  I’ve heard “of all time” applied to […]

Damn Good Authors You Have Never Heard Of. John Zakour

So, here’s the thing. It’s hard enough being a writer. Make that even more difficult today, what with the complete stratification of the arts. You know kids, I can remember when the Billboard Top 100 was just one list! NO SHIT! I’M NOT KIDDING! Now its Top Hip-Hop, Top AOR, my God, everything is so […]

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