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The New Television Season and Science Fiction Part 2 – The Sarah Conner Chronicles

At first glance this is a bad idea, yet another remake of a successful movie franchise. Television has the bad habit of grabbing a series in its decline and turning into a bloodfest with actors writers and directors all pointing their collective fingers at each other trying desperately to affix the blame for its failure on anyone but them.

ComiCon had the fortune to air the pilot for this series (not due to air till midseason as a replacement) and followed it with a panel discussion with the main actors, director and writer. So, first
The Facts:

Setting- takes place in the series between T2 and T3

The New Televison Season and Science Fiction Part 1

Todays Installment- TORCHWOOD, The show too hot for America !

Thank god for BBC America. If not for this amazing cable channel, we would be missing Hotel Babylon and ,,,,ummmmm……. forget that,,,,, what I meant to say was Torchwood, the show that The X Files should have been, the show that is full of aliens and sex and spaceships and sex and missing persons and sex……lets face it, there is a smoldering undertone of sex……and OH MY GOODNESS is it refreshing!

Run by Capt Jack Harkness, whom I can guess is about 4000 years old or so, Torchwood is the repository for alien artifacts and all things alien, not the least of which are the team members:

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