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TalkCast 490 – Smart Writing for Smart Readers

  In this episode we talk about opening back up of conventions, Northeast Comicon, Gay Somers, Blind Boxes. The blind box analogy referred to Kristi Charish and her newest book, Owl and the Japanese Circus which is book four in the Owl series and really just dumped Commander Cam and I into this wonderful universe […]

TalkCast 489 – An Exciting New Universe Begins… Section 4

Sound confusing? Sure it does! It wouldn’t be Richard Poalinelli if it wasn’t, but god it was great to have him back on the show for appearance number 5 which makes him the newest  official member of The Five Timers Club.  He brings to us Galen’s Way. A Starquest 4th Age Adventure. First and foremost […]

TalkCast 488 – Long Walk Into The Wasteland

Jenna Greene joins the Commander and I as we talk with her about book two in her Reborn Marks Series, Renew, to continue the tale of Lexil and Finn and the story of their plight. We get the chance to learn more about the many different stopovers in this world and how they interact and […]

TalkCast 487 – Darling Family Values

It’s not often we get a second chance to talk with a wildly inventive author upon their sophomore outing and yet here we are with Liz Butcher as she offers up Never Never, one of the most inventive mystery horror novels to come into Area 51 in a very long time. Set loosely within the […]

TalkCast 486 – NOT His Fist Attempt

Miles Cameron  is an enigma and that is a huge understatement. First of atl he writes under several names but Miles is the name he uses for his science fiction work, which we hope will be numerous, because his first book, Artifact Space, is a quite amazing start for an author who has well over […]

Talkcast 485 – Star Trek in Pakistan, Or How To Forget to Introduce The Guest

On the ‘Cast is one of the more interesting people we have had on in a very long while. So interesting, in fact, that we began talking in the pre-show and quite frankly, once the show began, I forgot  to introduce him. Shahid Mahmud is the creator of the SF/Fantasy imprint Phoenix Pick. The catalog […]

TalkCast 484 – Things To See And Do As We Start To Come Out Of The Pandemic Featuring Ariel Diaz

In this episode, the Commander and I get the chance to speak with an up and coming artist from Texas who is about to burst on the national convention scene. Ariel Diaz had her opening cut short by the pandemic and was forced to sit patiently for a year, honing her craft and working (as […]

TalkCast 483 – Time Travel and Vampires, I’m Told It’s A Thing

In this episode Commander Cam and I get the chance to speak with W.L.Hawkin about her Hollystone Mystery series. I have to admit speaking with Wendy was a quite unique experience and was one of one of the few times I was truly tongue tied. a situation which amused the hell out of Cam as […]

TalkCast 482 – A Friend Of A Friend Created A Nightmare

In the Lovcraftian universe there are very few rules. When I learned a friend of one of my very good Sci Fi writer friends, CT Phipps, (see Talkcasts 380, 425  and 475 ) had written a number of stories in this universe I became intrigued and we talked about it. He then suggested I read […]

TalkCast 479 – Another High Ace

When we first spoke with the writing team known as OE Tearman in January oof 2020 it was to introduce book one of their Aces High, Jokers Wild Dystopian Science Fiction Series. In this episode , we welcome back Olivia and Nonier to talk about book 2 in the series, Call The Bluff as well […]

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