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TalkCast 396 – On Panels with Spence

In this podcast we get to spend time with Laura Nicole “Spence” Spencer. I had the extreme good fortune to meet Spence when we were both on a panel at Granite Con this year.  She is the epitome of an all around person: Voice Actor, Entrepreneur, Fan Girl, owner of Resonant Moon Audio Book Solutions, […]

TalkCast 395 – Chris and Alan Hebert Talk Team Synergy

  We talk with the newest inductees into the Sci Fi Saturday Night Five Timers Club, Alan and Chris Hebert. SFSN spent much time at Vermont Comic Con with our friends from HB Comics. They join the show to talk about the state of the independent comic creator and how it has changed over the […]


A Brief Review Of Team Synergy #4 When Team Synergy first showed up, The HB Team brought it out in grand style , giving it the full convention treatment that included live action cosplayers of the Team Members at their convention booth and a detailed story of the origin of these new “teen superheroes” that […]

TalkCast 394 – Jeff Deck, The Ghost Author

In this episode we are joined by author Jeff Deck to talk about his newest series City of Ports – The Shadow over Portsmouth (Book One) We got the chance to task with Jeff about the setting, Portsmouth, NH, the development of the characters, the use of internal monologue as a narrative tool and how […]

TalkCast 392 – GraniteCon 2018 Preview

Joining the podcast for this episode is Chris Proulx, Owner of Double Midnight Comics (with locations in Manchester and Concord New Hampshire) and one of the main men behind the scenes of Double Midnight Productions and The Granite State Comicon being held on September 8 & 9 at the former Radisson Center of New Hampshire […]

Another Peculiar August Update – Ryanne Strong

Fortune—and misfortune—can be found in the most unlikely places … including on a lonely train speeding through the night. Whether Chauncy Thomas’ fortunes have deteriorated or improved is a matter of perspective … #Read @Ryanne Strong’s peculiar tale ONLY in the exciting #new #short #story collection, MY PECULIAR FAMILY II. @Ryanne Strong talks about her […]

Another Peculiar August Update – Vlad Vaslyn

What if you could steal someone’s imagination? #Read @Vladvaslyn’s creepy gothic tale ONLY in the exciting #new #short #story collection, MY PECULIAR FAMILY II. @Vlad Vaslyn recalls his peculiar experience writing “The Final Tale!” Creativity is a blessing and a curse peculiar to humankind. Is there any other creature that displays such ability to wield […]

TalkCast 389 – Yet Another Peculiar August Show

In this episode we are joined by author Vlad Vaslyn and artist, writer and coloratura soprano Karen Gosselin to talk about their contributions to My Peculiar Family 2, currently on Kickstarter. Karen gets the chance to talk about how she has been with this project since the beginning and why she felt it was important […]

Meet My Peculiar Families John Valeri

A reclusive novelist has earned herself a cult following … The trouble is, she may not have ever published a damn thing. #Author @JohnValeri talks about his peculiar story in the upcoming #short #story collection, MY PECULIAR FAMILY II: “Writing “Publish/Perish” was a “peculiar” experience in that it elicited an overwhelmingly vehement response from the few trusted […]

MPF2 Update

  What horrors lurk in the hidden tombs of the heart? It’s 1876, and a crippled man trapped in an unhappy marriage is about to find out … #Read New York Times best-selling author @THOMAS E. SNIEGOSKI’s#short #story “Longings from a Dusty Shelf,” available ONLY in the thrilling new collection, MY PECULIAR FAMILY II!Learn more […]

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