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TalkCast 455 – Mama, Where Do Baby Vampires Come From?

“If God created the universe with the appearance of being billions of years old, how was that any different from it actually being billions of years ago and aging through all that time?”  This is the worlds of the Shapers. The worlds from the mind of our guest Ed Willett. In this episode we converse […]

TalkCast 453 – Warning! Time Travel May Cause Cramps

According to the great 20th Century philosopher Linus van Pelt there are three things you should never discuss with people: Religion, Politics and the Great Pumpkin.  On this show we break two of the three rules. In this episode we discuss an alternate future anthology of a near future America, And The Last Trump Shall […]

TalkCast 252 – Things That It Isn’t, Not Things That It Is

When you discuss literature, inevitably one wonders what things are missing and in doing so , was it in error or purposeful. Welcome to the incomplete world of Heather M. Gooden, an author who dangles more threads than a blind seamstress and does so knowinging and with gleeful malice. If every picture tells a story, […]

Why We Have Faces For Radio, or…Why interviewers should never be interviewed.

There once was a girl from Nantucket.. ……… and because I won’t finish this is why we should never be the subject of an interview. The folks here at SFSN are known for speaking their mind. While some podcasts are known for being “Stream of Consciousness” we are more “Puddle of Consciousness” and had the […]

TalkCast 448 – Is That Fry’s Head In a Jar? No, but, it could be….

  From time to time here on Sci Fi Saturday Night, we take a jump to the left.  We put aside science fiction for the world of science fact.  Every time we do we realize that the lines between the two blurs, which is as it should be.  Good science fiction should be predicated in, […]

TalkCast 447 – What If Schrodingers Cat Had Kittens

THE OPPENHEIMER ALTERNATIVE is an Alternate history novel by Robert J. Sawyer. The best part of an alternate history novel is when it is firmly founded in hard fact. one in which the historical accuracy of its roots is inviolate. The second best part is the moment at which it deviates and you’re not quite […]

Talkcast 441 –  Just Like Watching Greg Louganis on the High Board

And, yes the podcast titles are becoming more obscure. In this case it is very appropriate. We get to talk with Kathrin Hutson about her new series of books set in a near dystopian future. The first book in her Blue Helix Series is called Sleepwater Beat. This book is killer in every sense of […]

Talkcast439 – Of Comics and Innocent Aliens Abroad

Some interviews just happen all by themselves. No matter how much you plan and research, the conversation does what the hell it pleases and meanders wherever it wants. Thus was this episode with Bruce Olav Solheim; Radio Talk Show Host, Playwright, History Professor, member of MUFON, author  of 8+ books on a wide range of subjects… […]

TalkCast 437 – Once Upon an Extraterrestrial Nightmare

Hey and hi, everyone. Welcome to the new normal of the pared down interview where, because of the current “world wide crisis”, bandwidth is limited 24/7 which makes using the internet a problem for us to work in. That being said, we will continue on as best we can with whatever limited resources are available. Our […]

TalkCast 436 – A Sentinel by any other name…..

Welcome, my friends to this edition where we get to talk with fellow broadcaster, journalist  and comic creator Ryan Lessard about his 20 year old new project. What does he mean by that? We spend a good portion of the discussion talking about just how long this went from seed of a concept in a […]

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