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TalkCast 512 – The Color Cyan, Just Because

In this episode, we get a rare glimpse into the mind of a very diverse writer Mandy Eve-Barnett. We got the chance to talk with her about to of her very interesting novellas The Rython Kingdom and the Rython Legacy. Both stories take place in a wonderful reality of myth and magic and we got […]

TalkCast 511 – Fast Times At Hemophilia High

Welcome to another snappy title to an absolutely oddball  ‘Cast. Today/tonight/whenever we are proud to present Rich Davis, creator of Rise of Dracula. On the surface  this comic series is, as he puts it, gore porn and if you take his word it sure can be. The actions and graphics are……graphic and terrifyingly so. However, […]

TalkCast 510 – It’s A Candy Mint, No, It’s a Breath Mint!

…and that’s right, yet another culturally obtuse ‘cast title as we bring two guests to you, one of whom is kinda a newcomer, the other has been with us since TalkCast 37(for those of you keeping score, that was June 9, 2010). First, the noob, and when we call him a noob it is with […]

TalkCast 508 – You Had One Job

In this “Cast we got the rare opportunity to speak with a Grand Master of the genre and holy crap was it fun. As a writer of well over 150 book Mercedes Lackey continues to have an amazing career, this year being named SWFA Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master (congratulations n stuff) as well as […]

TalkCast 507 – White Ops In Spaceeeeeee

In this Cast we talk with the prolific Declan Finn about his newest “Space Opera” White Ops. This is a project that he began  long ago and discarded and reworked many times. The pandemic gave Declan the chance to revisit it and make all the updates and changes he wanted as well as give him […]

TalkCast 506 – Nel Bently’s Earth

In this first ‘Cast of 2022 we get to talk with one of our favorite author friends, V.S. Holmes. It is always wonderful to welcome Them home and catching up with one of our oldest author friends and oner of our fondest protagonists is always fun, so we spent the time reminiscing about V and […]

Enjoy The Holidays!

From All Of Us Here To All Of You Out There See You In January

TalkCast 505 – Meet The Smormans

So, there  was this guy, a more eclectic guy you are never going to meet, I think. His name is Paul Bahou and , among other things , he is a writer and judging from his book, Sunset Distortion: The Pyramid At The End Of The World, a damn good one. He is also a […]

TalkCast 503 – A walk In Other Universes

Having been on the ‘Cast a number of times, Dr Bruce Olav Solheim joins us again, this time to talk about UFO’s, life in the universe and his unique and personal perceptions of the paranormal which began at the age of 4 and have continued throughout his life. We got the opportunity to speak about […]

TalkCast 502 – The Princess and The Pauper (updated version)

Thor Nesch is by any definition multifaceted . The many styles of books as well as his other endeavours makes him “interesting” to say the least. When you have a writer, who amongst his many offerings has books that could qualify as Sci Fi, Fantasy, horror, crime drama, and thrillers, with subjects ranging from killer […]

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