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TalkCast 391 – The Dread Whimsy of Rob Smales

This episode brings us Five Timers Club member Rob Smales who converses with us about a swarm of horrifying items. Rob got to talk about his involvement in My Peculiar Family 2 as an author and as an editor. We got a rare glimpse of that the role of a good editor is and does. […]

TalkCast 390 – V.S. Holmes and Nel Bently

Our guest in this episode is returning author V.S. Holmes here to talk about some new interconnected projects of hers at Amphibian Press. First is her inclusion in a Science fiction short story anthology ‘Beamed Up.’ Joining with fellow “Amphibian” writers Cameron J. Quinn, Ariele Sieling and Cullen McHael, V.S.’ contribution is a story called […]

TalkCast 389 – Yet Another Peculiar August Show

In this episode we are joined by author Vlad Vaslyn and artist, writer and coloratura soprano Karen Gosselin to talk about their contributions to My Peculiar Family 2, currently on Kickstarter. Karen gets the chance to talk about how she has been with this project since the beginning and why she felt it was important […]

TalkCast 388 – Dale T. Phillips, Throg and A Peculiar Update

  In this podcast, Dale Phillips, who certainly has some stuff to talk about, joins us once again. We get a chance to talk about his newest works as well as his time as a student when Stephen King was his teacher, his time as a mall Santa, his upcoming trip to The Killer Nashville […]

TalkCast 387 – David Dewane from Mouse Book Club

  In a wide-ranging conversation we spoke with David Dewane. He is an architect, entrepreneur, publisher, journalist, and educator. He is also the co-founder and president of Mouse Books. We talked about the concept of publishing in an electronic world, what Mouse Books has to offer  and the scope Mouse Books has. From theory to Kickstarter, […]

TalkCast 386 – Skies Over Superior

A few months back, friend of SFSN Josh Dahl and I spoke at Plastic City Comic Con and he was super psyched to show me his newest comic collaboration, “Skies Over Superior”, a story about Merilee Fite, a young girl facing ghosts and monsters on the icy shores of Lake Superior. At the time I found […]

TalkCast 385 – The Dystopian Worlds of Mike French

On this episode, we are joined by multi faceted human Mike French who comes by to talk with us about book two in his series dealing with the coming devaluation of humans ‘Fictional Alignment’. While this is the second book in the series, it does function quite well as a stand-alone (I know this only […]

TalkCast 384 – The Wide Ranging Worlds Of Cameron J. Quinn

In this edition, we get a chance to talk again with Cameron J. Quinn, Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur from Amphibian Press. Ostensibly, Cameron is here to talk about her story In Amphibians’ newest anthology, Beamed Up (faithful listeners of the podcast will remember Ariele Sielings recent appearance to discuss her story in the book, ‘The Stalk’). […]

TalkCast 383 – The Return of Ariele Sieling

This TalkCast is a case study in what happens when one of our favorite writers asks to come on the show to talk about her newest stuff and you’re expecting really nice fantasy with inventive quirky universes and instead get a review copy for a post apocalyptic dystopia with poisonous monsters and icky gooey deaths. […]

TalkCast 382 – The DeRaville Sisters

In this episode we talk with the Ayesha DeRaville and her twin sister and collaborator Sonise Lumbaca about their  most recent re-collaboration, Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns: Volume 2. These sisters are articulate, intelligent talented writers and artists an have come up with a refreshing twist on the idea of a novel. In fact, […]

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