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TalkCast 514 – The Truth About Canadian Werewolves

In this episode, author Mark Leslie returns and  talks about his latest book in the Canadian Werewolf series Fright Nights, Big City, reintroducing us to Michael Andrews and his cast of intriguing characters in the continuing story of fighting the good fight and finding themselves along the way. Mark has created a fascinating subculture just […]

TalkCast 513 – What’s New Ceara Comeau?

In tonight’s ‘Cast we take a moment to check in with one of our friends, Ceara Comeau and ask the musical question, “Sup?” (which is not in fact a musical question at all). We  talked about what it’s been like for her during ands coming out of the pandemic and her time coming back to […]

TalkCast 512 – The Color Cyan, Just Because

In this episode, we get a rare glimpse into the mind of a very diverse writer Mandy Eve-Barnett. We got the chance to talk with her about to of her very interesting novellas The Rython Kingdom and the Rython Legacy. Both stories take place in a wonderful reality of myth and magic and we got […]

TalkCast 511 – Fast Times At Hemophilia High

Welcome to another snappy title to an absolutely oddball  ‘Cast. Today/tonight/whenever we are proud to present Rich Davis, creator of Rise of Dracula. On the surface  this comic series is, as he puts it, gore porn and if you take his word it sure can be. The actions and graphics are……graphic and terrifyingly so. However, […]

TalkCast 509 – Best Book Featuring A Zombie Named Cameron

In this ‘Cast we welcome back Kristi Charish to talk about her new zombie series which begins with the book, The Voodoo Killings, get an introduction to her latest protagonist Kincade Strange and talk about the setting for this newest book in the “Underground City” of Seattle. This is a wonderful  first novel for a […]

TalkCast 504 – Irrational Numbers for Rational Science Fiction

When you read science fiction or fantasy or for that matter anything within the entire collective mish-mash genre, as a reader you tend to “give up” certain things; you simply accept  “givens”. Lobsters from Andromeda speak with English accents, generation ships will actually work, FTL travel must work. Why? In this Cast  remarkable writer, physicist […]

TalkCast 503 – A walk In Other Universes

Having been on the ‘Cast a number of times, Dr Bruce Olav Solheim joins us again, this time to talk about UFO’s, life in the universe and his unique and personal perceptions of the paranormal which began at the age of 4 and have continued throughout his life. We got the opportunity to speak about […]

Special Edition Talkcast – Skyraiders of Abarax Kickstarter

In this very special edition we get the chance to reconnect with dear friends Tracy and Laura Hickman as they are in the middle of their phenomenal Kickstarter, a simply amazing new game which was funded in 88 minutes, and is now skyrocketing  with over 2,500 backers. Who are they? What have they done?  Well, […]

TalkCast 498 – Once Upon A Time In Dystopia

Dan Abella joins us once again to talk about the Philip K Dick Science Fiction FIlm Festival to be held at the Producers Club Theater and Cinema In New York City on September 17,18 and 19. As usual we have no idea where the interview is going to end up because that’s how it goes […]

TalkCast 493 – Vampires in Australia?

In this episode we get to meet author Anna J. Walner as she introduces her new series, Garkain, Book One of the Ulura Legacy. In this first book we meet Amelia, a woman of extraordinary gifts who is learning about herself in many ways. As she explores her lineage she begins to realize it is […]

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