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TalkCast 386 – Skies Over Superior

A few months back, friend of SFSN Josh Dahl and I spoke at Plastic City Comic Con and he was super psyched to show me his newest comic collaboration, “Skies Over Superior”, a story about Merilee Fite, a young girl facing ghosts and monsters on the icy shores of Lake Superior. At the time I found […]

TalkCast 385 – The Dystopian Worlds of Mike French

On this episode, we are joined by multi faceted human Mike French who comes by to talk with us about book two in his series dealing with the coming devaluation of humans ‘Fictional Alignment’. While this is the second book in the series, it does function quite well as a stand-alone (I know this only […]

TalkCast 384 – The Wide Ranging Worlds Of Cameron J. Quinn

In this edition, we get a chance to talk again with Cameron J. Quinn, Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur from Amphibian Press. Ostensibly, Cameron is here to talk about her story In Amphibians’ newest anthology, Beamed Up (faithful listeners of the podcast will remember Ariele Sielings recent appearance to discuss her story in the book, ‘The Stalk’). […]

TalkCast 383 – The Return of Ariele Sieling

This TalkCast is a case study in what happens when one of our favorite writers asks to come on the show to talk about her newest stuff and you’re expecting really nice fantasy with inventive quirky universes and instead get a review copy for a post apocalyptic dystopia with poisonous monsters and icky gooey deaths. […]

TalkCast 382 – The DeRaville Sisters

In this episode we talk with the Ayesha DeRaville and her twin sister and collaborator Sonise Lumbaca about their  most recent re-collaboration, Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns: Volume 2. These sisters are articulate, intelligent talented writers and artists an have come up with a refreshing twist on the idea of a novel. In fact, […]

TalkCast 380 = The Fate of the Jewish Super Villain

Continuing with our on again off again theme, what’s so funny about science fiction, on this episode our guest is C.T. Phipps, author of, among many other things, The Rules of Supervillainy series that features the unlikely anti-hero Gary Karkofsky. The discussion is a typical author interview, talking about bizarre pop culture references, the use […]

TalkCast 379 – The Wit and Wisdom of Alexander Jablokov

  In this episode we spend time talking with science futurist and science fiction writer Alex Jablokov. We spent the show talking about various facets of his life; how and why he found his love for science fiction, when he began writing, why he stopped writing and why he restarted his writing career. It’s a […]

TalkCast 378 – The Atomic Frenchie

  It is yet another two-guest show for us.  Our first guest is Jason Brodnick. Jason is the force behind the Little Giant Comics OLD SCHOOL COMIC SHOW being held on April 28th.  in Concord New Hampshire. Jason talked with us about the reasons behind an large, one day event in a central location wit a […]

TalkCast 377 – (Insert Snappy Title Here)

It’s another two-guest episode. An actress, a show runner, a voice actor and a comic book writer all walk into a podcast. Well tonight that’s one person, the multi talented writer of Darby Pop Publishing’s Bruce Lee comic, Nicole Dubuc. We get a chance to talk about all of her past and current roles and […]

TalkCast 376 – How Things Work in My Peculiar Family

In this episode we have a discussion with three people with unique responsibilities in the production of My Peculiar Family II: Co-Editor Stacey Longo, Co-Editor and Story Contributor Rob Smales, And Cover Illustrator and Artist Karen Gosselin. Each talks about their introduction to the project and what, in their mind, makes this volume unique. Enjoy […]

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