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Trivia for 12.19.09

Answer tonight’s question in the comments: What was the title of the book used as the basis for the movie Bladerunner? to win a gorgeous colored pencil piece by Peter Vinton Jr. entitled ‘No biggie… it’s only your SOUL”.

Trivia for 12.12.2009

Answer this question in the comments to win a signed copy of Marooned on Mogo and an art card from Frankie B Washington. Our “good friends” at Fox Television are about to put up a new Science Fiction series in January, based on a comic. What is the name ?

Trivia for 12.05.2009

Answer the following question in the comments to win a copy of Marooned on Mogo autographed by Andrew Leiter (the author) and a sketch card from Frankie B. Washington. The book Day of the Triffids, which was the basis for 28 Days Later, was written by whom?

Trivia for 11.28.2009

Answer this question from the skullduggery cartoon at What’s the name of the leader of the Patchwork group? to win: Issues 1 and 2 of 23 Skidoo autographed by Brian Belanger. Leave your answer as a comment on this post!

Trivia for 11.21.2009

What Lovecraft story has director Guillermo del Toro repeatedly promised to make? Leave a comment on this post with your answer to win:

Trivia for 11.14.2009

Subjective question this week – the answer that we like best will win. Here’s the question: What is wrong with FOX? If your answer is selected, you’ll win an art booklet by the beautiful Tracy Lee Quinn. This will be open until next week’s show! Tune in next week to find out who wins.

Trivia Question for 11.7.2009

Answer this question by commenting on this post: What was the name of the first animated Dr. Shroud story arc? to win Sky Pirates 1-5 courtesy of Free Lunch Comics!

Halloween Trivia #2

The first commenter to answer this question correctly: What phobia do you suffer from if you have an intense fear of Halloween? will win the Underburbs Trade Paperback, and the ink Scarecrow by Christopher Gibbs. Good Luck!

Halloween Trivia #1

The first commenter to answer this question: What is the real name of Elviria, Mistress of the Dark? will win Split Lip (Australian Volume 2) and End of the Long Walk (the novel). There’s no time constraint on this – so if you’ve picked this up late, come and check it out! I’ll update this […]

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