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TalkCast446 – The Song of Bernadette

In 2020 we thought the world was strangely similar to the first book in the Blue Helix saga, Sleepwater Beat, like we had seen this before? Well welcome to 2031 where everything old is old yet again but not. It is a confusing dystopian future, which we were left off in at the end of […]

TalkCast445 – Peace In the Face of Chaos

So. here’s what happens when you assume……99.99999995% of the time, you’re wrong. Welcome to the continuing saga of Nel Bently as told by the incomparable VS Holmes as we explore the third novel in the Nel Bently series Strangers, a series that takes place simultaneously on Earth, in space and on some other places yet […]

TalkCast 444 – The Many Worlds of Jay Mooers

In 2014 the comic world was introduced to The Twisted World of Jay Mooers’ Autumn Grey. At that point it was the beginnings of an interesting story about a place, kinda like here but kinda not…an in-between world that existed somewhere in the periphery of your vision…just when you think you see it, it blinks […]

TalkCast443 – The Wonderful World of Extraterrestrial Teenage Cats and Other Fun Stuff

The good news is, It’s a great day here in area 51 when we get to visit again with someone we really like and they have a new project to talk about. The better news is we are for some unknown reason STILL talking about aliens on earth and the agencies that support them. Our […]

Talkcast 442 – It’s All About The Reptiles

The fun thing about this podcast is that we never know where we are going to be introduced to our next guest.  This includes social media platforms we would not associate with science fiction or fantasy.  I am looking at you LinkedIn.  But that is where we met Dominik M Kirtaime and learned about his […]

Talkcast 441 –  Just Like Watching Greg Louganis on the High Board

And, yes the podcast titles are becoming more obscure. In this case it is very appropriate. We get to talk with Kathrin Hutson about her new series of books set in a near dystopian future. The first book in her Blue Helix Series is called Sleepwater Beat. This book is killer in every sense of […]

Talkcast 440- A little Handwavium with Richard Paolinelli

In this episode we get to, once again, touch base with multi-talented friend of the show  Richard  Paolinelli. As is usual when Richard comes on, whatever main topic we were planning to discuss becomes part of an auditory omelet, whereby we know where we want to end up but actually have no idea what’s inside […]

Talkcast439 – Of Comics and Innocent Aliens Abroad

Some interviews just happen all by themselves. No matter how much you plan and research, the conversation does what the hell it pleases and meanders wherever it wants. Thus was this episode with Bruce Olav Solheim; Radio Talk Show Host, Playwright, History Professor, member of MUFON, author  of 8+ books on a wide range of subjects… […]

Podcast 438 – A “Slerk” of Blood with Curtis Lawson, or Lucien’s Song

Can music be evil, in and of itself? We explore this concept using a piece of fictional classical music called The Madrigal of the World’s End. In this episode, we get to once again talk with horror novelist Curtis M. Lawson (and yes, I do goof his name, but this time in an entirely unexpected […]

TalkCast 437 – Once Upon an Extraterrestrial Nightmare

Hey and hi, everyone. Welcome to the new normal of the pared down interview where, because of the current “world wide crisis”, bandwidth is limited 24/7 which makes using the internet a problem for us to work in. That being said, we will continue on as best we can with whatever limited resources are available. Our […]

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