Talkcast 467 – She Haunts Lonely Places


Jennifer Anne Gordon

As residents of New England we can tell you that the coast of Maine is equally beautiful and haunting.  There are many ghost stories to be found about the desolate seacoast of Maine, it’s haunted lighthouses and islands.  During the isolation of the winter months the deep loneliness has resulted in tragic outcomes that loom over the scenery. It is within this eerily sterile landscape our guest resides and has set her latest two (or is it actually one)  stories of gothic horror.

Jennifer Anne Gordon joins us on this podcast to talk about her two books From Daylight to Madness and When the Sleeping Dead Still Talk from her The Hotel series.This series of gothic horror books spins a somewhat non-linear web of tales weaving in and out the malformed psychies of broken minds that inhabit her world. If you find this description difficult to comprehend, so be it. The books are not a simple easy read. The characters are not straightforward and the setting is NOT as it  may seem. This is a complex series that unlike many other series is deeply linked to the other.

And if that was all we had to talk about , wow , that would have been enough but nooooooo…. There is so much more to this eclectic lady than meets the eye. A quick check of her multiple websites gives  the barest thumbnail of her multifaceted talents, abilities and explorations. We could have talked to her for hours on a myriad of subjects all in some way connected to Sci Fi…and we shall, of that there is little doubt. In point of fact, if she had not her own podcast, she could well be invited to become a regular here (take that as a gentle nudge)


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