TalkCast 424 – The Monitors Guild Book Two

Peter Vinton Jr.

Peter Vinton Jr.

It was Ben Bova who said that “Science Fiction is simply history that hasn’t happened yet”. In this edition, we get a true glimpse of that as we talk with our old friend Peter Vinton Jr. Artist, writer, historian and bibliophile, Peter joins the ‘Cast to talk about Volume two of his social allegory passion project,

The Monitor’s Guild – Book Two:The Signing of the Declaration of Independence. Part history, part science fiction part urban fantasy, part spy thriller and part political parable, Volume Two of his dystopian cautionary tale has just come out. We got the chance to talk about the myriad aspects of past present and future that, from a writing standpoint, make this book wonderful. We also talked about his artwork in the book and the depth and detail in each panel.

In other news, Peter and I reminisced about out first meetings at the former Boston Comic Con and what has happened since then. He also spoke about some signings he had done at some of his childhood comic stores including The Million Year Picnic.

It was a wonderful conversation, I hope you enjoy it.


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The Monitor's Guild Book Two

The Monitor’s Guild Book Two

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