TalkCast 421 – CalmPassion

Adam Wilsonn

Adam Wilson

In part one of this episode we get to speak with Adam Wilson who runs an organization aptly  called



Calm Passion. The purpose of CalmPassion is to allow helps make events sensory friendly to support Autism and Neurodiverse families. I got the chance to meet Adam at Plastic City Comic Con and we spent some time talking about what his mission statement was and I must admit, I was more than a little intrigued by the idea. Adam and the cast got the chance to sit down and talk about all the whys and hows and their plans for the future of this unique and wonderful group. In the upcoming months you will be able to find them at Granite State Comicon, Rhode Island Comic Con and Kids Con in Portland, ME.


The Mad Scientist's Cabinet of Curated Chimera

The Mad Scientist’s Cabinet of Curated Chimera

In part two, we bring another segment from Colby Elliot’s wonderful new audio book, The Mad Scientist’s Cabinet of Curated Chimera ( I got your bill for the new flooring in the Area 51 studio. The czech is in the mail.)


Enjoy the controlled chaos.


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