TalkCast 420 – (insert Joke here)

Colby Elliot

Colby Elliot

My real purpose of going to conventions is networking (actually, the real REAL purpose is to find cool stuff to buy but more about that another time). Plastic City Comic Con is one of those one day Micro-Cons where networking is easy, fun and enjoyable, getting to see old friends and meeting new ones as well. So, Imagine my surprise when my friend Colby Elliot of Last Word Audio Studios sauntered by the booth and we gabbed liked we hadn’t seen each other in months (actually, we hadn’t seen each other in months , so…)

We talked for a while and then said this conversation would make a good show and so, welcome to 420. In this episode we talk about his newest audio creations The Mad Scientist’s Cabinet of Curated Chimera, his upcoming travel plans, his own personal podcast ‘Geekery and Wine‘, his newest ideas and he even brags about helping to renovations in Area 51.

(Thanks for the help with installing the new flooring)


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The Mad Scientist's Cabinet of Curated Chimera

The Mad Scientist’s Cabinet of Curated Chimera



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