TalkCast 396 – On Panels with Spence

Hey, It's Spence!

Hey, It’s Spence!

In this podcast we get to spend time with Laura Nicole “Spence” Spencer. I had the extreme good fortune to meet Spence when we were both on a panel at Granite Con this year.  She is the epitome of an all around person: Voice Actor, Entrepreneur, Fan Girl, owner of Resonant Moon Audio Book Solutions, a voracious crochet mavin and host of the Game School Podcast.

Naturally, we talked about the role of import/export trade imbalance in Kurdistan and why/how it affects Canadian snack foods. (The previous sentence is a lie). We actually did get a lot of insight into the amazing world of Spence, why and how she does the things she does and how this amazing lady keeps it altogether doing so many things and doing them well. It was indeed a pleasure to have her on and hope she comes back soon.

Enjoy the chaos


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Resonant Moon Audiobook Solutions

Resonant Moon Audiobook Solutions

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