Team Synergy Vol. 4

Team Synergy Issue 4

A Brief Review Of Team Synergy #4

When Team Synergy first showed up, The HB Team brought it out in grand style , giving it the full convention treatment that included live action cosplayers of the Team Members at their convention booth and a detailed story of the origin of these new “teen superheroes” that were going to show us something innovative. When talking with them at their booth, the story of how and why the comic came about had much to do with the lack of anything for a young girl to be able to relate to in the comic universe, so Alan and Chris decided, they would bring out their take on this endeavor. I have been watching, with keen interest, as issue after issue has come out and, true to their word, they have done exactly as they said and the end product has indeed be something relatable to the younger audience.

In #4 however, Team Synergy evolves significantly and, in my opinion, it’s all for the better. As the series has grown, so have all the internal components of Team Synergy. The characters have become more focused, not just about themselves but also about each other. The story arc has sharpened and become a bit more mature. The artwork has markedly changed and developed under the creative inking and penciling of P. R. Dedelis. All of these changes add up to a new and exciting direction for this wonderful series.

HB has a reputation in the industry for making comics with great stories that the entire family can enjoy and understand. With Team Synergy #4, they have taken themselves and their audience to a new level in the YA comic and I, for one, can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Good things can happen when there is passion for the project.

Enjoy it




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