TalkCast 391 – The Dread Whimsy of Rob Smales

Rob SmalesThis episode brings us Five Timers Club member Rob Smales who converses with us about a swarm of horrifying items.

Rob got to talk about his involvement in My Peculiar Family 2 as an author and as an editor. We got a rare glimpse of that the role of a good editor is and does. From a writing standpoint, he talked about how he used the writing prompt to shape his peculiar story and as an editor seeing the divergent roads others took.My Peculiar Family 2 3D Cover

We also talked about two upcoming projects.

First is his editorial work on a new volume entitled “A Sharp Stick In the Eye (and Other Funny Stories)”, available now from Books & Boos Press. Rob seems to truly enjoy his role as

A Sharp Stick In the Eye

A Sharp Stick In the Eye

editor and waxed almost poetically (I didn’t know that was even possible) about the amazing stories in the book, including works by Jeff Strand and Wayne Faust among many others.

Then he spoke about an upcoming novella, “Friends In High Places” being published by Bloodshot Books, which he describes as ‘a coming of age tale gone horribly wrong’. The amazing Lynn Hansen is doing the cover art and it is due for a late September release.

Rob is always a fun guest to have on, which is a prime attribute of our Five Timers Club members,

Enjoy the chao

A 5 Timers Club Inductee

A 5 Timers Club Inductee


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