TalkCast 350 – George O’Connor at the PKD Film Festival



When one of our friends has a showing of his short film at The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival, Its really time to celebrate. This ‘cast is a celebration with George for the inclusion of his film Healed in the festival. It will be shown Monday May29th. at 2pm in The Courthouse Theater venue. We talk about everything about the film, the festival, his Metal Band and buying tin futures in Sri  Lanka. We are all so happy for his success and also his impending inclusion in the SFSN 5 Timers Club.

George O'Connor

George O’Connor




In this weeks news:


Enjoy the Chaos


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Special Treat: After the break click to see the full cast and crew of Healed.

HEALED Credits 

Written and Directed by

George O’Connor


Based on the graphic novel HEALED

created by George O’Connor and Griffin Ess


Executive Producers

George O’Connor

Diana Porter

Griffin Ess


Cinematographer and Editor

Mikel J. Wisler


Music composed by

Erin Murray Quinlan



Arthur Laurie as Father



Sean Carmichael

Susan Travers

Judy Nadel

Michele Mortenson

Paula Dellatte

Drew Logan

Isabella Coulonbe

Diana Porter



Derrik Albertelli

Dave Allen

Nancy Boehne

Sophia Cacciola

Bill Carter

Raymond Carter

Stephanie Eaton

Lauren Foster

Robert Grover

Amber Lynn Hampton

Rivengurl Hart

Alexander Hauck

Kyle Johannessen

CC Judkins

Camden Lashua

Sara Lashua

Maya Leavitt

Izzy Lee

Judy Maloney

Bella Moore

Joy Moore

Pamela Morgan

Andria Paradis

Keegan Paradis

Virginia Perham

Jacqui Perham

Zach Pidgeon

Benji Porter

Tim Porter

Anna Ryan

Cole Ryan

Kim Ryan

Leslie Ryan

Shane Ryan

Reid Simpson

Blakely Ross Sullivan

Gail Sullivan

Jody Wenglin

Josh Wenglin

Liam Wenglin

Sophia Wenglin

Karen West

Ron G. Young



Diana Porter


1st Assistant Camera

Bryant Naro



Micheal J Epstein



Dustin Howard


Key Grip

Sean Martin


Color grading and sound mixing

Mikel J. Wisler


Production Assistant

Kevin Anderton

Rivengurl Hart



Zelda’s Kitchen


Special thanks to

Sue Regan and the West Parish Garden

Tracy O’Connor

Victoria Guest

Joey Groah

Gary Greenbaum

Alex Kaloostian


HEALED graphic novel available on and ComiXology


Presented by Lazy Horde Productions


In association with Elazon Productions

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