TalkCast 349 – Mark Pinksten, The Nerd Magician

The Nerd Magician

          The Nerd Magician

In the world of Conventions and Nerd Gatherings how often do you hear ”Watch me pull a rabbit out of my Tardis”? In this episode we meet Mark Pinksten , who in the span of one year has become quite the attraction. Mark , a one time birthday party magician, changed his act to reflect his second passion, nerddom. Combing visual elements, costumes and slick patter from the worlds of Doctor Who, Back To The Future, Harry Potter, Star Wars and dozens of other genres and experiences, Mark combines his two passions into an amazing, amusing and astounding show. Mark talks about his early years in magic and what transformed his performances into a family friendly pop culture event. In the new England area, you can see Mark at MassiveCon, Vermont Comic Con and Granite State Comic Con.

In this week’s news discussion:

Enjoy The Chaos.


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