Thank you NetFlix or Why My DVD Collection is Growing

Saturday afternoon in the underburbs at it were, and I was heading back from a rousing round of Produce-O-Rama ant the local foodie-mart. When, to my surprise as I drove past the local Movie Store wearing a huge GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sign. A sign of the times, I am afraid, with so many different ways to deliver entertainment to your flat screen these days. What it did mean, however, was the possibility that if I took my time I might find a gem or 2, and a-hunting I did go. This is like a vast Yard Sale because what they tend to do is bring together the inventory from many stores and to my surprise, I found My Gem of the Day.

Many moons ago I had heard of a wonderful independent films called The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. This is an Indie throwback to any and every B movie, Sci-Fi  flick of the 50’s. It is strictly tongue in cheek, deliciously overacted and such wonderful fun, filmed in “SKELETORAMA” and sanitized for your protection. Folks, they wont make movies like this anymore. If you can find it, rent or buy it, but for goodness sake, get it and enjoy it.

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