One Myth to Rule Them All

MythosThere is really no other way to say it:  Mythos is awesome.  It’s a brilliantly written web series that draws you in immediately and keeps you coming back for more.  When it ends you will be wondering, hoping, maybe even begging that they make more webisodes of the show because once you are hooked you can never get enough.

Mythos is essentially a retelling of the classic hero’s journey with many characters and archetypes you are already familiar with.  Anyone who has read Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell will feel right at home here as the show draws heavily from their teachings.  The show’s writer and lead actress, the beautiful and obviously talented Miriam Pultro, does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the hero’s journey all while putting her own personal touch on the story.

The idea is simple enough, take the Hero’s journey, every story about gods, king’s heroes, legends, and myths that you have heard and combine them.  Jung, and later Campbell, carefully observed that myths and legends from different cultures around the world were very similar. Not only in the way the stories were told, but that characters in these stories all had very similar archetypes.  So what if these characters from different cultures and stories weren’t different characters?  What if they were the same characters reappearing over and over again through history, legend and myth.

The story of Mythos is just that.  Miriam Pultro does a wonderful job of combining our real world with these myths and characters while creating her own story as well.

Mythos begins when a young married woman named Morgan [Pultro], is visited at her home by a young man named Pan who she hasn’t seen in ages.   What starts off as being a simple story about a modern woman trying to keep her past a secret from her family quickly becomes an epic tale with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

As the tale unfolds you learn that Morgan has been hiding amongst mortal beings for years and years trying to avoid her inevitable fate.  She has found love and would do anything to protect her normal life.  The arrival of Pan turns her world upside down.  Pan informs Morgan that her father has called a council and that she must help him find the other “gods” so that they can meet at her father’s request.  As you might have guessed, each character they meet is a classic archetype living their life as a normal person in our world. Familiar characters such as Ares and Loki appear and are often referred by multiple names to drive the point home that they are not just from their mythology, but from all mythology.  For instance Loki isn’t just the fabled trickster from Norse mythology, but the trickster of every legend and myth you have heard.

Each webisode is about ten minutes long.  Each one leaving you itching to watch the next.  I actually watched all 9 episodes in succession, not because I planned to, I just got sucked in.  Mythos presents it self in a way that feels very familiar but fresh at the same time.

As I already mentioned the story telling is top notch. Its matched by good acting and production values.  Mythos is mainly story driven and each actor does a wonderful job of diving into there character and making you feel like you already know from whatever legend or story you grew up loving.  The music helps set the mood in each scene adding an extra layer of depth to the story and acting.  The quality of filming is great.  Each shot is filled with familiar elements that make you feel as if we are in our own world and not one of myth or legend. There are a few action scenes too near the end when things start to get more intense.  These scenes break the pace of the slower story telling in a good way.

The end result is an independent production that will leave you blown away.  Mythos has everything from action to drama.  It draws you in immediately, the characters that interest you but also feel like you have known them for a long time.  It is this unique feeling of nostalgia and intrigue that separates Mythos from the rest.

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