Your Friday Movie Rumor Update

The Terminator Franchise has been sold to Lions Gate, seeing as Salvation was such a dog. Joss Wheadon offered 10K for it, and everyone in the Buffy-verse wishes they had taken that bid, myself included. The thought of Amy Acker as Sarah Conner is soooo hot.

News of The Lantern: Blake Lively has been set to play Carol Ferris, idiot floozy charming but ditzy g/f of Hal Jordan. Eye candy aplenty in this one, kiddies. Perhaps this should be called Sisterhood of The Traveling Lantern. In not so sexy casting developments, Peter Sarsgaard has been tapped to play Mr. Big Head, aka Hector Hammond and Jackie Earle Haley is being rumored to be cast as Sinestro. For those of you not in the know about the Green Lantern, both of these are great roles, by great actors.

Robert Downey, Jr. has dropped out of his bff’ Jon Faverau’s Cowboys and Aliens, because of prior commitments to his “Iron Man Franchise” and his new “Sherlock Holmes Franchise”. Rumors abound that he is also picking up a KFC franchise in Van Nuys.

Finally, in Who Gives a Rats Behind News, three items. First, Robo-Cop will most likely be shelved rather than a 3-D version that was being shopped. Robo-Cop stopped being fun a way long time ago and I don’t want be upset at this, so… whatever, I won’t be. Second, rumors abound across the inter-webs about the new incredibly cool Thor movie bumping the incredibly lame Spiderman 4, but I am leaving this to Illustrator X to talk about on the podcast this weekend. Third, all of this pales to me when thinking about the new Captain America Movie.

This is The Dome, sayin’: waiting for Iron Man 2 is a pain in the can.

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