Back issues — the perfect holiday present!

Time once again for Illustrator X’s X-citing list of back issues guaranteed to warm the cockles of your favorite fanboy or girl’s heart.  Why pore through their Amazon lists of Bat-lava lamps when a back issue is fun to buy, you get to pre-read it, and most importantly, no one else is going to buy this for them! So without further delay, my campy selections priced right for your wallet:

First Issue Special #6: The Dingbats of Danger Street — Even the most diehard Kirby fans cringe at the mention of this dud.  Unintentionally hilarious — with stellar dialogue like “They call me Non-Fat!  No matter what happens — I’m hanging on to this hot dog“!, you can see why this group of Little Rascals rejects never became the next Fantastic Four.  And speaking of which…

Fantastic Four Roast #1 — Written by Fred Hembeck but illustrated by dozens of the industry’s finest artists, this is a rare gem.  You know how Mel Brooks can tell the worst jokes in his films and they just work?  This is the comic book equivalent, complete with half the Marvel Universe to boot.  A classic.

Through The Wood, Beneath The Moon #1 — Good luck finding this one-shot from Caliber Comics.  This treasure, described as a “dark poem” would more accurately be called “a twisted nightmare collaboration of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, with dead children and lollipops”.  I can’t recommend it highly enough — your favorite goth doesn’t own this and will love it!!!

Green Lantern/Superman: Legend of the Green Flame — Neil Gaiman’s story of these two heroes, condemned to Hell.  Drawn by a dozen very talented artists, including that one that you like so much.  You know which one I mean.  For those friends of yours who wish Neil would stop wasting his time writing best-selling novels and get back to comics, where the real glory is.

DC Comics Holiday Super-Special — Okay, I’ll be impressed if you can track this one down.  This is the first Christmas-themed comic that I can remember DC doing, where it’s a collection of short stories featuring a variety of heroes all hell-bent on saving Christmas, one way or another (and did you ever notice, that it’s always Christmas that needs saving?  Halloween can take care of itself).  This features stories with Jonah Hex, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Sgt. Rock, the House of Mystery, and oh yeah, the first-ever Batman story illustrated by Frank Miller.  It cost me a whole dollar when I bought it back in 1980… hopefully your local comic store will charge you the same!

There’s plenty more, but why spoil your fun?  Dive into the nearest back-issue bin and treat your friends and yourself to some fun!

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