Talkcast 13: Our Big End of the Year Exravaganza


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Happy Birthday Mrs X!!

Best Geek Gifts we got for X-Mas


Star Trek Scene IT DVD

Harley Quinn Print

Hellboy II DVD


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Angel/Frankenstein Crossover Comic



Star Trek DVD

Favorite Xmas Movie

Kriana – Elf

Java – Home Alone II

Dome  – Colbert Christmas Special

Best and Worst of Sci Fi for the past year:


Love: Dollhouse

Hate: V

Love to Hate: Torchwood:  Children of Earth


Love: Chuck

Hate: Sanctuary

Love to Hate: Dollhouse


Love: Warehouse 13

Hate: 2012

Love to Hate: Heroes

The new Year for Sci Fi Saturday Night

Next week Jan 2  – Bob and Kim Shaw

Jan 9 – Chris Golden

March 14 2010 GraniteCon, Nashua NH

Boston ComiCon April 10-11, 2010

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