Talkcast 49 – Lovecraft and Sons

  • Dirk Gently special coming to BBC(via den of geek)
  • Wesley Snipes Was Almost Geordi La Forge, and Other Star Trek: TNG Casting Fun [What If](i09)
  • 8th Doctor Movie coming out on DVD!
  • Walking Dead TV show to debut on Halloween; full trailer now available (via comicsbeat)
  • Today is “Read Comics In Public Day” – did you? (via NPR)
  • Atomic Robo – The Animated film (via io9)
  • John Cusak is EAP in the Raven movie. (via Slash Film)
  • Interview with Frank Woodward, William Janczewski and James Myers of
  • Their Kickstarter Project

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2 Responses to “Talkcast 49 – Lovecraft and Sons”

  1. fool.of.history

    I feel despite the poor writing and the butchering of
    Doctor Who canon, the 1996 movie was still fun and watchable. Paul Mcgann was a good doctor and the feel of the movie was very unique, if not quite Doctor Who. It felt to me very much like and episode of the 1990’s Outer Limitz series; which I liked. It featured Sylvester McCoy and a brand new interior to the TARDIS which was a gorgeous gothic setting. The film was by no means perfect, but still loved it despite it’s many, many faults. Oh, and there are a number of theories of how the 8th Doctor was half human. My current theory is that because he had such a difficult regeneration, his body had to rely on human DNA patterns that had been imprinted over his time on earth and dealing with humans. Not a proven theory, but it works.

    P.S. If H.P. had gotten laid before finding the groove in his writing style, I do not think he would have been dark and dreary enough to keep writing horror stories. Who knows? He might have been writing articles for the local paper. Then where would we be?

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