Putting the “suck” in Succubus

Canada gets their very own genre show and its a stone cold killer! Lost Girl is the story of Bo, played by the beautiful Anna Silk as a supernatural being who feeds of the sexual energy of humans. Unable to control her cravings, Bo meets The Fae and struggles to live among humans. HOOKED!

First of all lets check out IMDB and see all the inherent beauty in the opening episode. I count…. lemme see… smiles happily…more than enough to keep me visually interested. Add to that Ms. Silk has an impressive..um…resume… and the script currently leaked on the interwebs is very very good and BAM! Ladies and Gentlemen, WE HAVE A WINNER… Lost Girl premieres on Sunday, September 12th at 9pm on Showcase in Canada.

Oh,  wait………OH CRAP…..what the hell do you mean only in Canada. Nobody frackin’ picked this up for US release?

This is Dome sayin’: Thank you Mr. Gore. The Interwebz is nice.

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