It’s A Wonderful Lives, or The Time Travelers Wife

OK, so the first set of stills have hit the web an the buzz on The Time Travelers Wife  has been good, so lets see if we can find any danger spots.

Based on the novel by Audrey Niffenegger- Goggle her, you won’t be disappointed or just go to

Screenplay written by Jeremy Leven. OK, also wrote and directed Don Juan DeMarco.     Still good


Rachel McAdams

Eric Bana

Ron Livingston

So far so good

Rights to the book were bought by JENNIFER ANISTON????? Seriously, who knew? The book is uber-coolness. The question is, is it Sci Fi?  Yeah I think it is, and I have high hopes for it. The 90% Law applies here (90% of EVERYTHING is shit, if it wasn’t, you couldn’t tell what was really really good). This book is in the upper 10% and the indicators from the movie(no on-set antics, less than 3 screenwriters, a solid director and a kick-ass cast) give me hope for a wonderful movie. Audrey, this is a project you should enjoy knowing was yours.

This is The Dome, reminding you that not all sci-fi needs space ships and killer robots, But they ALL need a good book.

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