Yeah, It’s a new year ……. So What !?!

OK, so I was talking to the other members here at Scifico and “we” decided I needed to be nicer. My posts need to be more positive of the genre.  After my little talking to, I decided, CRAP ON THAT! What we need is a person who will continue to have his voice heard unfiltered, and that unfiltered voice is ME So in keeping with my new commitment, today’s I am going to lob a few cowchips at anyone I feel like because its the right thing to do.

If you live in the Northern New England area there is a small but powerful comic cartel known as Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, New Hampshire. You may ask, am I getting  something for mentioning them here, and the response is NO! I am mentioning them here BECAUSE Christmas Eve Day one of the owners was driving by the store and saw a small group sitting outside it, as they are normally  closed Mondays. He stopped, opened the store and among those waiting was My Daughter, sometimes known as Dru. They recognized her and asked if she knew what she was looking for. She told them, she was looking for a present for The Dome and let me tell you, it was a special Christmas day. Thanks Boys!


Saw the first preview for Jumper and I wanna hit someone. Please, please, please read the original book. I have lost all hope for the movie.

Transformers is the most overlooked movie of the year. Sorry fans, but this mutha rocked and while I am no usaualy a big fan of SURROUNDPOUNDSOUND,  I loved it!!!!!!!!


The writers strike is still going on and it’s a travesty that they do not have an agreement. Kudos to Worldwide Pants (Letterman) for going out on their own and reaching an agreement with the WGA. When they go on tomorrow, it will not be with scab writers. I will be with them all back, getting what they justly deserve.

When Leno comes back……… I hope the picket lines are up because he hasn’t got the ####’s to do this right.

USA Network- The abrupt cancellation of The 4400 AND The Dead Zone is just another stupid Suit Reaction, and those of you who are avid readers of this column, know how much I love Suits. I hereby challenge any Suit From USA Network to come on with Me and discuss this insanely stupid mistake.

BBC1- The annual Doctor Who Christmas Special was the highest rated Doctor Who ever in Brittan last week, and what I saw of it was simply amazing. Look for it soon on SCIFI Network.

I will be emptying out the old mailbag later this week, so If I annoyed or amused you…drop Me a line at

Till  then, I hope the Suits choke on their own bile.

Dome, signing off

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