Unbelievable Hubris or The USA Network is filled with Idiots

In what has to be one of the most stupid pinheaded moves I have ever had  the misfortune to see, USA Network has ripped the testicles off of a live bear in the new reality series Grizzly Moil  announced the cancellation of both The 4400 and The Dead Zone.. The appallingly growing lack of interesting intelligent programing continues to grow like a dung beetle hive.


Scott Peters, creator of The 4400, was not shocked but reportedly is miffed that the lovely cliffhanger at the end of season 4 may never be resolved.


Meanwhile USA Networks has the following new shows lined up and ready to go:


Frontier Gynecologist– Starring Keven Federline and Ashlee Simpson

            In the 1800’s, Wimmens Problems were his problems, too.


What’s Up with Laura– Staring Uma Thurman as Laura Bush

A Former First Lady copes with the anonymity of cutting brush in Crawford and drinking beer from a can.

 Super Duper

Ex NFL Star Mark Duper mistakenly believes he has super power after one too many concussions.


As of this point the only new science fiction show slated for a possible slot is……..


The AudioBook Chronicles-Kevin Bacon stars as a man who gains knowledge from listening to audiobooks in his car. The writers strike has pretty much put a hold on scripts for this series as well as development but I am told sets are being built in Toronto (not so much being built as using trash from the dumpsters of Battlestar

Galactica sets)

This is Dome saying, It blows to try and be funny when you have bad news to report.

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