The News That Shook Middle Earth

For the past 3 years there has been an ongoing battle between Peter Jackson, who directed all of the Lord Of The Rings Movies and New Line Cinema. Jackson has complained that profits were understated and New Line has screamed breach of contract when Jackson pulled out of The Hobbit project and have engaged in a not so sweet war of words, Jackson goin so far as to say he was”…done with New Line.”.


Well, there is a happy ending of sorts here, and keep all the smutty jokes to yourself, but it seems as if Jacks and his creative partner Fran Walsh will serve as Executive Producers, with Jackson making all of the creative decisions. A more active role was nixed because of Jackson’s involvement with current projects for DreamWorks (The Lovely Bones) and Steven Spielberg (The Tintin Trilogy)


Word under the table is that there was a HUGE cash settlement in order to bring Jackson back on board, and he deserves it. Production will begin on The Hobbit and its sequel concurrently, a format that Jackson is very comfortable with.


This is Dome, waiting to see if Letterman goes back on in January and hoping for the best

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