How to get Negative Ratings or Goodbye Bionic Bunny

I know I have been down on this show since the Upfronts, and not without cause. The use of “Stunt Casting”, replacing actual plot or character development, quick cut action sequences and Kung Fu Chick Fights instead of actual substances. Now, no one is more fond of the Bud Commercials than me (and I suppose that tells you way too much about me) but lets face facts, this show had the kiss of death on it from the beginning, which is a shame.. The NON-STUNT Casting was not bad at all, the writing was rather average for a franchise restart and they totally missed the boat on the special effects.


This show was killed by its timeslot, Isaiah Washington, and a complete misunderstanding of the source material. At some point homage to the past was in order and this retooling gave nothing. “Hey Look, kids we got ourselves a robot babe, lets make her do stuff!!!”  Michelle Ryan deserves better. So does Miguel Ferrer.  I can only hope Lucy Kate Hale someday gets a role where she is allowed to actually act. I’m not sorry to see it go, but I am sorry for all the good actors who now have this blemish on their résumés.

This is Dome, saying, ” I got some bionics for ya, right here!”

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