Monthly Archives: December 2021

Enjoy The Holidays!

From All Of Us Here To All Of You Out There See You In January

TalkCast 505 – Meet The Smormans

So, there  was this guy, a more eclectic guy you are never going to meet, I think. His name is Paul Bahou and , among other things , he is a writer and judging from his book, Sunset Distortion: The Pyramid At The End Of The World, a damn good one. He is also a […]

TalkCast 504 – Irrational Numbers for Rational Science Fiction

When you read science fiction or fantasy or for that matter anything within the entire collective mish-mash genre, as a reader you tend to “give up” certain things; you simply accept  “givens”. Lobsters from Andromeda speak with English accents, generation ships will actually work, FTL travel must work. Why? In this Cast  remarkable writer, physicist […]

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