Monthly Archives: October 2021

TalkCast 502 – The Princess and The Pauper (updated version)

Thor Nesch is by any definition multifaceted . The many styles of books as well as his other endeavours makes him “interesting” to say the least. When you have a writer, who amongst his many offerings has books that could qualify as Sci Fi, Fantasy, horror, crime drama, and thrillers, with subjects ranging from killer […]

TalkCast 501 – Sex And The Single Werewolf or Agatha Christie And The Buckets Of Chum

After a few weeks on hiatus for a number of issues, we’re back, and this ‘casts guest is just wonderful. Melissa Yi is a gifted writer and if that was all she was it would be plenty,,,,but she is also an ER Doctor with a special interest in health education, a world traveler and a […]

TalkCast 344 – MediSin Health Care For Super Villains


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